Motivated children in everyday life

With MotivApp, you can offer children a creative reward system to encourage them to complete their daily tasks.

School reward system

Make sure your classes are motivated! MotivApp School, a gamified motivation method, makes it easy and effective to implement in the classroom.

Family reward scheme

Do you want your child to be more diligent? Start using the MotivApp Family app, a playful reward system that works well in your home.

MotivApp Family is currently only available in the phone app.

We believe in quality education

Teaching methods can sometimes be backward and not adapted to the pace of a technologically fast-paced world and children’s interests.

We need a motivational tool that stimulates and sustains interest over time, and can be implemented in an environment that students know and use, with little administrative burden.

In collaboration with educators and psychologists, we have developed a motivational method based on a creative reward system that can be applied to families and schools using state-of-the-art pedagogical tools.

Why is MotivApp good?

Continuous performance

Thanks to systematic rewarding,
diligence becomes uniform.


A playful environment is easier for the child to accept and enjoy its elements.

Individual rewards

Incentive rewards may vary from child to child and can be personalised by the teacher/parent.